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We Sell 90% Of Our “A” Rated Consignments Within 90 Days!

Selling a RV is like selling a home. In order to get it sold quickly and for top dollar the RV must put in the best position possible to appeal to prospective buyers.

There are many RVs for sale so RV buyers have a lot of choices to choose from. We will work with you to take several critical steps to seperate your RV from the rest, giving you the best chance possible to get it sold FAST!

We have helped 1000’s of RV consignors sell their RVs over the years, and during this time we have figured out what it takes to sell a RV fast!

Condition: Your RV must be in better condition than similar RVs for sale in order for prospective RV buyers to choose your RV. This means the outside should be free of damage and oxidation. The inside should be clean and smell fresh. We include a free wash and wipe down with every consignment. If you need more extensive detail services we offer those as well.

Operation: Nothing turns a RV buyer off faster than a broken RV. The engine and components should all be in good working order. Often times there’s minor things that need to be fixed, if the go ignored they can end up costing you a sale because once something is found not working RV buyers assume there must be other things to fixed as well. At the time of sale will be complete a free inspection on the behalf of you and the prospective buyer to ensure that the RV is in good working order.

Price: The RV needs to be priced competitively in the market. While NADA is a guide it is not the determining factor in the actual value of a RV. The dealer auctions determine this value based on supply and demand. Some RVs are worth more than NADA and others are worth less. It’s important to understand this because many RV sellers think they must get book value and they either can’t sell their RV because they are priced to high or sell it for less than what it is really worth.

Don’t worry if your RV needs some work we are experts at putting your RV in tip top shape to sell quickly. We offer RV Repair, Body Work, RV Detailing, and RV Buff & Wax service

Ready To Consign?

Complete this consignment form and I’ll contact you to discuss a winning game plan to get your RV sold fast!

Or call me direct @ 480-223-9315, Have a great day!

– Kip S. | Consignment Specialists

  • Great Experience! Very easy do deal with. They took care of everything, I am so glad we used Consignment Specialists to sell our RV!Susan H
  • We drove our RV all the way down to AZ for Consignment Specialists to sell it, and boy are we glad we did. Sold it in 2 weeks!Stewart V. Seattle WA
  • Can’t say enough good things about these folks. They treat you right and are pros at what they do. I’ve sold several RVs through consignment and these guys are by far the best.Bob R. Flagstaff AZ

Why Consigning Your RV With Us Makes Sense!

No Fees To You

That’s right we have ZERO fees, we simply establish a NET figure and go to work on getting your RV sold fast. We base the NET figure on current market values for your particular RV so we ensure to price it correctly to maximize how much you get and get it sold quickly!

Make Your RV A Winner

We make your RV a winner in the marketplace, this positions it so that it will sell quickly! We want your RV looking the best, smelling the best, everything working, & marketed correctly. We even hire a professional photographer to come do a photo shoot on your RV!

We're The Experts

Because selling consigned RVs is all we do you can be sure that we have the sale of your RV as top priority each and every day. We’ve sold over 3,000 consigned RVs and our staff has a combined 100+ years experience in the RV business. Who do you want selling your next RV?

You Just Sit Back & Relax

We do all the work for you. When you drop off your RV we will complete some preliminary paperwork and from there we handle the rest! We prepare it, market it, sell it, and complete all necessaty paperwork to complete the sale…you just sit back and wait for you check!

Our Exclusive Buyer List

That’s right we have a large database of RVs buyers who are shopping for RVs right now. As soon as your RV arrives and is prepped for sale we notify these buyers of your RV. This create a sale very quickly for you!

We Certify Your RV

It’s a buyers market out there so in order to sell your RV it needs to be different from the rest. That’s why we certify qualified RVs giving the new owner a 90 day warranty! The certification inspection and warranty are included at no charge to you!

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